PSKW is an innovation driver in co-pay assistance programs & biopharma loyalty marketing

PSKW is a leader in co-pay assistance programs and co-pay eligibility verification. But we’re more than just co-pay programs. Our digital relationship tools can also help drive loyalty to your brand. View 2-minute video on Co-pay Programs.

And PSKW’s expertise goes even further. Our healthcare payment solutions division creates payment platforms for market research, donor and provider compensation, customer loyalty, patient reimbursement, and clinical research.

What’s more, every client benefits from our company’s customer support and advanced data analysis and reporting. No wonder PSKW is the most-awarded provider in this space.

Co-pay Programs

We deliver an unsurpassed array of tangible offer vehicles.The first step in every successful co-pay program is creating the optimal offer. PSKW relies on its massive internal database, its in-house analytics team, and its preferred-status relationships with specialized thought leaders to help clients identify the best offer based on their business needs.

  • Tangible Offer Vehicles
    PSKW has been a leader in the co-pay card industry since the beginning. From the first coordination of benefits card to the first real-time adjudicated debit card to the first two-part dual card, we deliver an unsurpassed array of tangible offer vehicles.
  • Virtual Offer Vehicles
    Virtual channels represent a rapidly growing segment of the co-pay assistance marketplace. Our company’s virtual programs are designed to generate immediate uptake, grow provider utilization, build patient loyalty, and increase refill rates.

Co-pay Eligibility Verification: Going Beyond NCPDP

Eligibility verificationThe federal Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) stipulates that when a person is covered by a government health plan and benefits are paid by the government, the use of pharmaceutical co-pay cards is not permitted.

In their primary effort to comply with this AKS provision, companies have thus far relied on one or more of several plan identifiers listed on the patient’s insurance card. Unfortunately, these insurance-card identifiers (used alone or in combination) are an inadequate means by which to screen for government beneficiary status.

In addition to offering client companies all current identifier-based methodologies, PSKW has introduced a unique and revolutionary solution to the challenge of complying with this AKS provision: GateKeeperTM. GateKeeper represents an additional industry-exclusive layer of scrutiny for eligibility verification that is not dependent upon the inadequate BIN/PCN/Group ID data in the NCPDP system.

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Digital Relationship Tools

PSKW has an unsurpassed suite of Digital Relationship Tools.PSKW has developed an unsurpassed suite of digital relationship tools that can dramatically increase adherence and help drive loyal patients to your brand. Tools we offer include:

  • Loyalty Card KeyTM – Digitally connects to the information, incentives, and interactive support your patients needs to stay compliant, such as dynamic refill reminders and health care provider feedback.
  • Time-Release MessagingTM – This patent-pending technology allows communicating with a patient outside of email or web connection, such as RX refill reminders, coupons/co-pay offers, and provider visit reminders.
  • Auto-UpdateTM – “Reach in” to a patient’s computer to perform updates and communicate with audiences when medication is prescribed for multiple illnesses, segmenting patients by geography/gender/etc.
  • Passive TrackingTM – Tracks all patient interaction with your site: date/time, duration of visit, pages visited, time per page, etc. and provides a rich analysis of how patients are interacting with your brand.
  • Engaged PatientTM – State-of-the-art patient engagement uses more than 80 digital tools to drive adherence and empower patients: easy activations, notices on filled Rx, health advice, refill reminders, and much more.
  • Personalized One2OneTM – Exclusive, patent-pending process allows providers to create a personalized communication stream directly to the patient’s computer or mobile device.
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Patient/Provider Compensation and Reimbursement

PSKW supports research and clinical development projects with automated electronic payment programs.PSKW’s payment platforms support funds transfer options for all types of patient and provider compensation and reimbursement.

Leveraging its unsurpassed expertise in the co-pay assistance industry and the payment processing space, PSKW’s Healthcare Payment Solutions division is partnering with healthcare organizations to create automated electronic payment programs proven to drive participation and data collection for market research, donor and provider compensation, customer loyalty, patient reimbursement, and clinical research.

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World-Class Customer Support

World-class customer support.World-class customer support begins with world-class team members. Every PSKW program is meticulously managed by an experienced project team including a member of PSKW senior management, a senior account executive and a senior program manager.  Additional team members are assigned based on the needs of the program.

Other customer support services we offer include:

  • Live Call Center: Agent-led telephone support of programs for consumers, pharmacists, physicians, and sales representatives.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Our best-in-class IVR services provide voucher and card activation services as well as opt-in capabilities for patient surveys, etc.
  • Print and Fulfillment: Our card production and personalization capabilities are unlimited. And, of course, we provide warehousing, assembly, kitting, and nationwide delivery of all components.
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Data Analysis and Reporting

Clear and concise data reporting Even the best data needs to be delivered in ways it can be understood and used. PSKW is a leader in clear and concise reporting for both our Standard Report Suite (push) and our Portal and Dashboard (pull). In fact, we have been rated highest by clients for:

  • Flexibility for set-up, layout, and changes of report content
  • Drill-down views and capability
  • Simple and fast exporting of reports via Excel and Word
  • Highly scalable platform for importing/integrating any additional data sets

Whether you need basic program reporting, custom reporting, or advanced analytics to address specific questions, the PSKW team is uniquely qualified to deliver the analytics and reporting that will help you grow your business.

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