“PSKW: Supplier/Vendor Company of the Year”

In naming the company as its 2013 Trailblazer Supplier of the Year, PM360 noted that PSKW has built its reputation by focusing on the three crucial pillars: talent development, social responsibility, and innovation. October 2013, PM360.

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“Issues with Co-pay”

Co-pay initiatives rank among the most hotly debated topics in healthcare marketing today. Pharmas and healthcare providers love them. Payers and PBMs… not so much. Why is that? October 2013, MM&M.

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“Bob Previdi: One Step Ahead in Copay Innovation”

PSKW’s CEO is profiled as one of biopharma’s leading “Entrepreneurs” in the 2013 edition of the PharmaVOICE 100. “The history and growth of PSKW is a testament to Mr. Previdi’s entrepreneurial leadership,” the magazine said. July/August 2013, PharmaVOICE.

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“Bringing Analytic Rigor to Pharmaceutical Couponing Programs”

The SAS Institute recently interviewed Bob Caprara, PSKW Chief Methodologist, regarding the cutting-edge approach Bob took in the development of the company’s analytics department. December 2012, SAS.

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“Robert Previdi: Consumer Activist”

PSKW’s CEO is profiled as one of the leading “Commanders and Chiefs” in the 2012 edition of the PharmaVOICE 100. An “innovator and visionary,” Previdi has “led the industry into a new frontier” of adherence solutions. July/August 2012, PharmaVOICE.

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“The Immense Benefit of Co-pay Cards”

Mick Kolassa, chairman and managing partner of Medical Marketing Economics, provides evidence that co-pay programs “result in improved compliance and outcomes,” and “save money for the healthcare system and the health insurance industry.” June 2012, PM360.

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“Letting the Facts Get in the Way”

Mason Tenaglia, managing director of Amundsen Group, presents a fact-based analysis concluding that coupons and co-pay offset programs are the “most cost effective way of ensuring patient adherence to prescription therapy.” January 2012, Pharmaceutical Executive.

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“From Products to Solutions: Shifting the Emphasis to the Patient”

Robert Previdi, PSKW CEO, discusses how to present patients with relationship opportunities that are really meaningful (ie, patient specific), really easy (ie, online and mobile), and really worthwhile (ie, financial incentives).  June 2011, PM360.

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“Cutting the Waste From Your Patient Incentive Program Budget”

In this white paper, Al Kenny, founder and principal of Alpha 1C, provides real-life guidance on how to create the optimal co-pay card program that will meet your brand goals and stay within budget. This is a must-read paper for any marketer who is creating or evaluating a co-pay program.

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