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World-class customer support begins with world-class team members. Every PSKW program is meticulously managed by a project team led by a member of PSKW senior management along with a senior account executive and a senior program manager. This team oversees all aspects of program development and implementation. Additional team members are assigned based on the needs of the program: print production, fulfillment, client service coordination, financial review, analysis, reporting, etc.

Additional customer support services:

call-centerLive Call Center: Agent-led telephone support of programs for consumers, pharmacists, physicians, and sales representatives.

boardInteractive Voice Response (IVR): Our best-in-class IVR services provide co-pay voucher and card activation services as well as opt-in capabilities for patient surveys, etc.

cardsPrint and Fulfillment: Our card production and personalization capabilities are unlimited. And, of course, we provide warehousing, assembly, kitting, and nationwide delivery of all components.