Vouchers, coupons,                                                     or cards — we put the                                            power of reduced co-pays                                             in your patients’ hands

PSKW provides a proven array of tangible offer delivery channels, ranging from simple coupons and vouchers to adjudicated coordination of benefits (COB) cards to our patent-pending combined co-pay offset/voucher debit card known as the Dual Card™. And, of course, our turn-key service includes complete design, production, and fulfillment, including delivery through sales reps, direct mail, and print publications.


  • Useful for gov’t-insured patients, no-sample clinics
  • Good for controlled substances or difficult-to-samle product

Coordination-of-Benefits Card

  • Traditional card; coordinates with insurance payers
  • Can include prior-auth assistance, mobile messaging, etc.

Debit Debit Card

  • Pays pharmacist in real time
  • Higher perceived value
  • Significant co-branding opportunity

Dual Card

  • 2 different offers on one card
  • Delivers offers to different patient groups (eg, insured and uninsured) or free trial and then adherence offer

Portfolio Card

  • Incorporates offers for multiple brands onto one card

Delivered Via:

Rep > MD > Patient

Mail > MD > Patient

Print Publications

Direct Mail