Using technology to
   deliver the right offer,                                             at the right time,                                                            to the right audience

PSKW stays on the cutting edge of technology, delivering co-pay offers via a wide range of virtual vehicles, including our groundbreaking in-pharmacy channel, Easy Save™.

Pharmacy  ►

Easy Save™: The first in-pharmacy, in-workflow co-pay assistance solution with pharmacist discretion. Easy Save automatically prompts pharmacists when a particular prescription is eligible for co-pay assistance. For pharmacists, it’s as simple as hitting a button to apply the co-pay support. View one-minute video


Universal Pharmacy Offers: Industry’s most-utilized pharmacy co-pay channel. Empowers pharmacist by providing point-of-sale support for patients who present an Rx without an offer vehicle in hand. Includes pharmacist- and patient-directed shelf talkers. Precise coding system maximizes control, tracking, and analysis.

Physician  ►

ePrescription Co-Pay Offers: Embeds co-pay offers directly in HCPs’ eRx workflow. Increases utilization by pushing offers to HCPs, and increases redemptions by delivering offers direct to pharmacy via eRx. Includes promotion/education components for HCP and patient. Printable Rx vouchers add value.

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Consumer Direct ►

Direct-to-Patient Rx Delivery