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When it comes to co-pay assistance programs, we have a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In fact, we’ve been featured in the industry press for our ground-breaking approach to advanced analytics; see Bringing Analytic Rigor to Pharmaceutical Couponing Programs.”

What’s more, our experienced analytics team can integrate our data with your company’s data at a surprisingly granular level, even conducting adherence scoring for individual patients. All to ensure that you design the right offer and channels, can evaluate progress against objectives, understand the impact of your program, and gain insights to help optimize future initiatives.

But even the best data needs to be delivered in ways it can be understood and used. PSKW is an industry leader in clear and concise reporting for both our Standard Report Suite (push) and our Portal and Dashboard (pull). In fact, we have been rated highest by clients for:

    • Flexibility for set-up, layout, and changes of report content
    • Drill-down views and capability
    • Simple and fast exporting of reports via Excel and Word
    • Highly scalable platform for importing/integrating any  additional data sets (ie, physician level exponent, AMA lists,  targeting, or financial information data sets)

Whether you need basic program reporting, custom reporting, or advanced analytics to address specific questions, the PSKW team is uniquely qualified to deliver the analytics and reporting that will help you grow your business.