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Ongoing communication and strong patient relationships—with or without co-pay assistance—can dramatically impact adherence (see “From Products to Solutions: Shifting the Emphasis…”). PSKW has developed an unsurpassed suite of digital relationship tools that help drive loyalty to your brand:

Loyalty Card KeyTM
Digitally connects patients to the information, incentives, and interactive support they need to get and stay compliant:
•    Dynamic refill reminders tied to patient co-pay activity
•    Dynamic patient and health care provider feedback

Time-Release MessagingTM
This patent-pending technology allows communication with a patient outside of email or web connection: RX refill reminders, surveys, questionnaires, video, coupons/co-pay offers, website links, MD visit reminders.

Open portal to “reach in” to a patient’s computer to update: new indications/line extensions/closing schedule, update ISI/PI, communicate with segmented audiences when medication is prescribed for multiple illnesses, multi-lingual programs, segmenting audience by geography/gender/etc.

Passive TrackingTM
Tracks all patient interaction with the brand site: date/time, duration of visit, pages visited, time per page, etc. Provides a rich analysis of how patients are interacting with your brand.

Engaged PatientTM
State-of-the-art patient engagement program uses >80 digital tools to drive adherence and empower patients: easy activations, HIPAA opt-ins, notices on filled Rx, co-pay support, appeals process, thank-you messages, health advice, refill reminders, refills ordered, and much more.

Personalized One2OneTM
Exclusive, patent-pending process allows physicians to create a personalized communication stream directly to the patient’s computer or mobile device. This technology brings the physician and their message into the patient’s home to increase education, compliance, and adherence.